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Companies House launches URIs

Companies House has developed a new service to supply basic company details, using a simple Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for each company on our register. The URI is a unique web address that represents the company (using the ‘’ domain); and will return basic company details for that company.

The development of company URIs fits with the government transparency agenda of providing easier access to public data; and it will provide a more efficient way of data linking for users and the business information industry.

For more information on how the Companies House URIs work see in particular Section 4.2

What formats will be supported?

Six return data formats are supported for company URIs:


How do I request information via a URI?

You will need to use the appropriate company number within the URI structure:{companynumber}

For example, company number 02050399 would be represented as:

What data will be returned for URIs?

Data will be returned in the format appropriate to the requesting system using content negotiation (see

It will only be the basic company details, such as: company name, registered office address, company status, incorporation date, country of origin, company type, nature of business (SIC), accounting reference date, date of last accounts/annual return filed, date of next accounts/annual return due, previous names.

What will this mean for other products and services I receive from Companies House?

There are no changes to any of the other services provided by Companies House. These will continue to be provided in the same format. The URI is a separate facility.

More details about URIs and a list of the company information returned (PDF 393kb)

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