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Administrative Restoration FAQs

Administrative restoration is a quicker and cheaper means of restoring a company to the register.  However, we have noticed that some customers are continuing to have problems sending the correct information to Companies House.  The information below is aimed at helping you get it right first time and should be read prior to making your application for administrative restoration.

Please ensure that you also visit the link at the bottom of the page "Top 10 Reasons for Rejection". This details the top 10 problems that customers have encountered when trying to restore their company in this way. 

Who can apply for administrative restoration?

Only a former director or former member (i.e. a shareholder) of the company at the time the company was dissolved can apply. 

Can any company be administratively restored?

No. This process does not apply where a company has been struck off the register at their own request under section 652A of the Companies Act 1985 or by section 603A of the Companies Northern Ireland Order 1986; or by section 1004 and 1005 of the Companies Act 2006.

What are the conditions for making an application for administrative restoration?

The following conditions apply:

  • the company must have been struck off the register under sections 1000 or 1001 of the Companies Act 2006; or section 652 of the Companies Act 1985 or section 603 of the Companies Northern Ireland Order 1986,
  • the company must have been dissolved for no more than six years at the date the registrar receives your application  for restoration,
  • an application may only be made by a former director or member of the company.

What are the requirements for administrative restoration?

There are three conditions  the company must meet in order to be administratively restored:

  • The company must have been carrying on business or in operation at the time it was struck off;
  • The Crown Representative must have given his consent to the restoration;
  • The company must have delivered any outstanding documents needed to bring the record up to date and paid any late filing penalties that were outstanding at the time of strike off.

Does it apply to LLPs?

Yes.  An LLP which meets the requirements outlined in the question above can apply for administrative restoration to the register.  Only a former member of the LLP at the time of strike off can apply. 

What do I need to complete to restore the company?

You must complete an ‘application for administrative restoration’ (Form RT01 or Form LL RT01 for LLPs) and send this together with any outstanding documents and fees to Companies House. 

The ‘application for administrative restoration’ is a form which can be downloaded from the Companies House website  

The fee for restoring the company is £100 and you must enclose this with the Form RT01/ LLRT01. If you do not enclose the fee, we will return the application to you.

Please make your cheque payable to ‘Companies House’ and write your company number on the reverse.

Do I need to send anything else with the application form RT01/ LL RT01?

Yes.  The most common cause for rejected applications is that not all of the necessary information is enclosed.  You must deliver the following:

  • All Outstanding Annual Returns and Accounts (including relevant filing fees for annual returns)
  • All Outstanding Late Filing Penalties – (this information can be obtained by emailing our enquiries section at
  • A Bona Vacantia Waiver Letter (unless the company had no assets at the time of strike off).  This letter can be obtained from the appropriate Crown Representative (please see the note below). 

Please do not forget to send all of the above to Companies House as one package- this will help you to avoid unnecessary delays and rejections in restoring your company.

How do I know if there are any outstanding documents for my company such as Annual Returns and/ or Accounts?

You can visit the Companies House website to check whether there are any outstanding documents.  There is no fee for searching this information on our records.  Please visit to do this or alternatively you can email our enquiries section at for this information.

What is a Bona Vacantia Waiver Letter?

If any property or rights belonging to the company becomes ‘bona vacantia’ you will need to provide Companies House with a statement in writing from the relevant Crown Representative giving consent to the company’s restoration.  This statement is called a ‘bona vacantia waiver letter’. 

A fee will be payable to the relevant Crown Representative for this statement. 

More information on bona vacantia can be found by visiting or by telephoning the enquiry number on 0207 210 3236.

For companies registered in Scotland please visit:

The Office of Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer website

For companies registered in Northern Ireland please contact:

The Crown Solicitor
Royal Courts of Justice
Chichester Street

What happens next?

It can take up to 10 days from the date of receipt of your application for us to restore your company to the register (provided you include all outstanding documents and fees with your application).  Once restored, we will send you a notice to confirm that we have restored your company.  The restoration will take effect from the date of the notice.

Does Companies House offer a same day service for restoration?

No, we will deal with your application based on the date of its receipt.  If you follow the instructions given above and your documents are correct, this will help to avoid any further rejections or delays in processing your application.

What if my company or LLP does not qualify for administrative restoration? Or I am not a former director/ member?
Administrative Restoration is a new provision under the Companies Act 2006, which can be used to supplement the existing court power to restore companies. The court power will still exist for those cases where administrative restoration does not apply.

For more information on administrative or court order restoration, please visit our guidance on strike off, dissolution and restoration which is available on the Companies House website.


1. Ensure all your documents are sent as one package. 

Companies House will not act to restore your company until we have received all the outstanding documentation to bring your company record up to date.  If you choose to delay in sending some documents to us, we will not consider your application to restore until we receive them.

2. Ensure that you have included all fees which are payable.

All fees for documents and any late filing penalties must be sent to us with your application to restore.  Late filing penalties cannot be paid at a later date (or by instalment).  We will not consider your application to restore until the full payment has been received. 

3. Send the bona vacantia waiver letter with your application.

As with tips 1 & 2 above, you should make sure that the bona vacantia waiver letter is sent at the same time as all the other documents and fees.  If you have not yet obtained your waiver letter or are in the process of obtaining it, sending the other documentation to Companies House will not speed up the process.  If your waiver letter is not included with the other documents as part of the same package, we will not consider your application to restore until it is received.

Top 10 Reasons for Rejection

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