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Christmas and New Year Opening Schedule 2014/2015

Wednesday 24 December All offices open 
Thursday 25 December All offices closed 
 Friday 26 December All offices closed 
Monday 29 December All offices open
Tuesday 30 December All offices open
Wednesday 31 December All offices open
Thursday 1 January All offices closed 
Friday 2 January All offices open (apart from Edinburgh which will be closed)

Online services

Companies House Direct, WebCHeck, WebFiling, Electronic Filing, Extranet and XML Gateway will be available for use as normal with the following exceptions to the Help Desks.

Date Help Desk arrangements
Wednesday 24 December Open but earlier closure of 4.00pm. However, Companies House Contact Centre will remain open until 5.00pm.
Thursday 25 December Closed 
Friday 26 December Closed 
Monday 29 December Open
Tuesday 30 December Open
Wednesday 31 December Open but earlier closure of 5.00pm. However, Companies House Contact Centre will remain open until 6.00pm.
Thursday 1 January Closed 
Friday 2 January Open

Document delivery

Only the Cardiff Office will be manned for the receipt of paper documents for the entire holiday period. Letterbox facilities exist at the other offices, with exception of Northern Ireland. Accounts have to be delivered to Companies House on the due date. Delays in transit will not be accepted as excuses for late delivery and even if accounts are delivered a day late a penalty will be levied.

Electronic Filing

Please note that the WebFiling or Software Filing services can be used for filing a range of documents including small unaudited accounts. If you have not already registered you will need to do so and please be aware that the company authentication code required  to access the service will be despatched to the registered office (by post) within two working days of application.  Due to the high volumes of post being handled by Royal Mail during the holiday period we would advise customers to allow adequate time for receipt of their code.   

Incorporations, Changes of Name and Certified Copy Applications

We will make best endeavours to process all applications received by our New Companies Department as normal but we would advise customers that we cannot be held accountable for any delays in receiving applications due to the delivery of holiday post.

It will not be possible to process and issue Same Day Certified Copies or Certificates on Wednesday 24th December or Wednesday 31st December, due to the Royal Mail early collection schedule.

If you have any queries regarding this information please call us on 0303 1234 500.

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