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Our aim is to deal with any problems and difficulties quickly and fairly. We will do this by monitoring all complaints and suggestions to help us identify what is going wrong and how we can improve and by having a system which:
  • is easily accessible and well publicised.
  • is simple to understand and use.
  • is speedy, with established time limits for action, and keeps people informed of progress.
  • is fair, with full and objective investigation procedures.
  • maintains the confidentiality of both staff and customers.
  • effectively addresses all the points at issue, and provides appropriate redress.
  • provides information to management so that services can be improved.
Our complaint procedures cover all aspects of our services including:
  • the registration and provision of information.
  • our products and sales.
  • advice on company and legislative issues, and
  • our general support of customers.

If you are not happy with a specific aspect of our service, tell the member of staff you are dealing with. If the complaints concern our website delivered services you can email our Contact Centre

Our staff will do all they can to resolve the difficulty. If our staff fail to satisfy your concerns then please email

If you are not satisfied with our decision, you may write to the Director of Customer Delivery in Cardiff or the Registrar of Companies for Scotland or Northern Ireland. If after writing, you are still not satisfied you can write to the Independent Adjudicator for Companies House. However Companies House must have had the opportunity to resolve any dispute, so before writing to the Independent Adjudicator, a complaint must have followed all internal Companies House procedures and therefore must have been considered by the Director of Customer Delivery.

After receiving an adjudication if you are still unhappy you can contact your Member of Parliament and ask that the complaint be referred to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Our guarantee

Whatever your complaint we will:-

  • ensure your confidentiality.
  • acknowledge your correspondence and give you a reference number.
  • review the issue thoroughly and give you a full response within 5* working days.
  • if we need more time because the problem is complex tell you within 5* working days.
  • talk it over with you if your complaint needs special action.
  • deal with you in a polite and courteous manner.
  • always give you a contact point, name and telephone number.
  • consider the appropriate form of redress whenever necessary.
* Where complaints relate to late filing penalties our response times will be 10 working days.
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