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Are you ready to become a director?

Whether you are a newly appointed director, or are thinking about becoming a director, you will need to be aware that directors have many obligations and legal responsibilities:

  • You are legally responsible to file the company's annual accounts and annual return on time, and
  • You must ensure your company details are up to date.
  • Information you submit will be placed on a public register and be available for public inspection including personal information you submit as part of your appointment.

Companies that deliver accounts late receive a late filing penalty. Furthermore, as we display filing dates on the public record, late filing can damage your company's reputation.

To help you meet your statutory requirements, Companies House can offer you a variety of services:

  • WebFiling to check your filing deadlines and ensure your company data is up to date.  You can use our WebFiling service to fulfil your filing obligations to us with the least amount of time and energy.
  • eReminders is the free, convenient and effective way to remember when your accounts and annual returns are due to be filed.
  • PROOF (or Protected Online Filing) allows you to protect your company from fraudulent filings.

Make sure the details we hold on your company are up to date. Above all, advise us immediately when your registered office address changes.

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Questions and Answers

How do I register a new company?
Companies House provides a Web Incorporation Service, or you may wish to use a formation agent.

Must the company deliver the accounts each year?
Yes, regardless of whether or not it has traded during the period.

How do I change my company's directors or secretary details?
The easiest and quickest way to notify Companies House of a change is online via WebFiling, or by using a suitable Software Filing package.

How do I register for WebFiling?
Simply register your details for WebFiling now, and allow 5 working days for your authentication code to arrive by post.

When are my accounts or annual return due to be filed?
You can access our WebFiling service to check your company details and confirm your filing dates.

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