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paper just doesn't addup
for dormant accounts

We now offer a new improved WebFiling option to file your dormant accounts with us.

Filing your accounts online is the quickest, easiest and safest method of submitting your accounts to Companies House.

Our web screens provide you with in-built checks that will help you get your accounts right first time.  The chances of having your accounts rejected are then significantly reduced.

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Dormant Company Accounts

Quick guide to filing Dormant Accounts (PDF 280KB)

Most WebFiled accounts are processed within 24 hours of submission, and for peace of mind we'll let you know by email once they are accepted or rejected.

If your company is no longer dormant, there are other options for filing accounts online.

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Questions and Answers

How can I file my accounts online?
Simply register with the WebFiling service to receive an Authentication Code (by post).

Can you remind me when my accounts are due?
Yes. Log in to WebFiling and register for the new eReminders service. We will let you know up to six weeks in advance when your accounts are due.

How will I know if you have received my accounts?
We will send you an email acknowledgement once we have received them, and a further email to let you know if they have been accepted or rejected.

Can all companies file dormant accounts online?
Limited Liability Partnerships cannot currently file dormant company accounts online. For all other company types, please check the ‘Conditions of use’ once you have selected the dormant accounts option from the main menu.

 Use WebFiling for

  • on-screen checks to help you avoid errors
  • saving time and postage
  • safe and secure delivery
  • automatic email acknowledgement
  • confirmation that your accounts have reached us
  • peace of mind that your accounts have been accepted
  • registering for eReminders

 Useful links

Find out how accountants are filing online

We've spoken to accountancy firms and other intermediaries from across the UK that have already switched to online filing of dormant and abbreviated accounts.

Here's how they managed to change their business processes, and what they have to say:

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