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The press area consists of four staff with combined roles; an Internal Communications & Press Manager assisted by an Internal Communications & Media Coordinator, plus an Intranet Manager and a Graphics & Technical Support Manager. All team members are able to provide a limited press service for the benefit of the news / trade media and entertainment industry. The limits are that, while we do welcome professional interest in Companies House, we are unable to deal routinely with searches for information on the company register. Fortunately though this is something any media-visitor can do themselves, by accessing our excellent online services, the basics of which are free of charge.

These are:

Companies House Guidance Booklets

Setting out director responsibilities, as well as giving information and key timings relating to company filings & management (director appointments, accounts, shareholder, etc), company formations & registrations, winding up companies, limited liability and other related legislation.

Companies House 'Our Services'

These tap into the extensive public record, listing our available search facilities and advising on how to access them. Simple, basic information is free. More than that, all the standard, publicly available information you will require as a Press colleague, is available through our excellent 'WebCHeck' facility or from 'Companies House Direct', which is a subscription service, costing from £4 per month. These services are available 24/7.

Please use these services before considering contacting us directly, as the e-public record can be considered authoritative in as far as we have been advised by companies about their status.

We will only ever access the same information that you can access yourselves, so there will be very little if anything we can add as a Press Desk to what you can already see regarding information shown, either on the register or in our guidance booklets.

We are, however, able to assist or advise with;

  • Formal comments relating to how we apply the law relating to the register, guidance and clarifications of these and questions regarding the role of the Registrar.
  • Statistical information relating to the register.
  • Arranging formal interviews with senior colleagues for substantial articles and trade publications.
  • Information relating to the introduction of the 2006 Companies Act.
  • Advise on our roles and responsibilities as an executive agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
  • Assisting consumer interest programmes, etc, where this is considered appropriate.

If you have any other issues not covered above we would be happy to discuss these, and either resolve them where possible or point you in the right direction.

Companies House Press Desk can receive e-mail contacts 24/7 but our core office hours for staff to respond are 09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday, excluding Public Holidays. We can generally be more effective in answering your queries via e-mail and we invite you to contact us so that you have a clear record of what we are saying. If you contact us out of core hours, we will make every effort to respond as soon as possible thereafter.

Access to the Press Desk via telephone will initially be through our Contact Centre who will ask you for your details and about the basic nature of your call. They may be able to assist without the need to refer you to Press Desk. Tel: +44 (0)303 1234 500 (national call rate), Minicom 029 20381245.

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