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Electronic charges coming 6 April 2013

From 6 April 2013, selected charges information can be submitted electronically for the first time. You can file particulars of a charge, particulars of a charge subject to which property is acquired and statements of satisfaction & release.


WebFiling is the safe and reliable way to file your information online.

To use this service as a lender:

  • Complete the online application form (PDF 974Kb), print off and send to the address provided
  • You may apply for a credit account using this same application form if required
  • We will send you your lender authentication code and presenter codes by letter
  • Register for WebFiling using your e-mail address and set a password

Once you are registered and have the codes you need, sign in to WebFiling and file charges information. The fee for filing particulars of charges electronically will be £10; statements of satisfaction or release have no fee.


Company authentication codes may be used to file information for a specific company whereas lender authentication codes allow charge information to be filed for any company.


To register a charge, you will need the details of the charge, a PDF copy of the deed and payment.  PDF format 1.2 to 1.7 should be used and the file should be no bigger than 10 MB.  We recommend that, if deeds need to be scanned, you should use black ink on plain white A4 paper with a resolution of 300 dpi to increase the chance of the file being below this limit.

When the information has been submitted, we will send you a confirmation email.  However, it is important to note that the confirmation email simply confirms that the information has been received.  It does not mean that the charge has been registered; this will be notified in the acceptance email and the certificate will be attached to this email.

‘My Recent Filings’ can be used to view items filed within the last 10 days along with their status. The PDF of the form, deed and certificate can also be downloaded from here.


Software Filing

Software Filing allows the transfer and acknowledgement of electronic company data between presenters and Companies House.

To file charges information using the Software Filing service, you will need to:

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