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new enhancements 16th June

We are pleased to announce that we have made some significant improvements to our WebCHeck service, to be implemented on 16th June.

There are three new enhancements.  Please click on the link for more details about that particular feature:

Monitor Service
Company Filing History
View Previous Orders

Monitor Service

The new Monitor Service enables you to keep an eye on your competitors, business collaborators and your own company by monitoring company documents filed at Companies House.

WebCHeck customers will find the new Monitor Service option located from the Company Details screen. To use the service, simply select the new ‘Monitor this company’ link on the Company Details screen.  As soon as the documents are received and scanned, the system will recognise your interest and send an email alert notifying you that the document is available to order. You can then decide whether you wish to order the document image. The choice is yours.

The service is available at a cost 50 pence per company monitored and each request will run for a 12-month period. After this period, you can choose to renew the monitoring or simply leave it to expire. You can also Edit or Delete a monitored company at any time, through the easy to use, self-service functionality.

WebCHeck screengrab showing new Monitor feature

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Company Filing History

This new feature is an enhancement of the ‘Order Information on this company’ screen.  The ‘Most Popular Documents and Reports’ box will still be displayed as usual on this screen, but will also now display the company filing history. 

You can order copies of any of the documents listed simply by ticking the appropriate documents and clicking on the ‘Add to order’ button.Documents are ordered, charged and downloaded the same way as the most popular documents and reports.  For a full list of document codes and descriptions, please visit the ‘help’ page:

The shopping basket will allow you to view what you have ordered and the charge for each document, and you have the option to remove any unwanted items at this stage.

WebCHeck screengrab showing new Full Company Filing History feature

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View Previous Orders

This new facility allows you to view previous orders placed on the WebCHeck service through your account. You can choose to view previous orders placed in the following timescales:

  • placed in the last week
  • placed in the last month, or
  • placed in the last 3 months

Once you have selected your timescale, just click on the ‘View’ button and you will be directed to your ‘Recent Orders’ screen, which will provide the status of each order placed.

The Recent Orders screen will display the date and time of the order, a product description, the price of the order and the status of the order.

first WebCHeck screengrab showing new View Previous Orders feature

second WebCHeck screengrab showing new View Previous Orders feature

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