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Filing iXBRL accounts at Companies House


Companies House can receive and process company accounts produced in iXBRL format, and more software package providers are making this available.

If your accounting software package produces UK GAAP accounts in iXBRL format, there are simple ways to submit them to Companies House. You can do this for audited and unaudited full accounts, or abbreviated accounts in two ways:

  1. directly, from enabled accounts production software, or
  2. by uploading them to Companies House via a third party web-based service or locally installed software package.

Important note: to file accounts via software you will need a Companies House online filing presenter account. You can use your existing presenter account if you have one, or read our iXBRL FAQs on how to apply for one.

Further details on enabled accounting software packages


Think of the benefits of filing your accounts electronically:

  • No more covering letters
  • No postage costs
  • Faster, more secure delivery with immediate acknowledgement of receipt*
  • Automatic confirmation of acceptance or rejection*
  • Reduced risk of late filing penalties.

*ask your software provider how notifications will be delivered

The benefits of filing iXBRL accounts

iXBRL Benefits video with keyboard-friendly controls

Accountants Case Studies – filing iXBRL accounts

iXBRL Case Studies video with keyboard-friendly controls


iXBRL Accounts Filing FAQs

Alternatively, you can file accounts for dormant companies that have never traded via a simple web form, or file your unaudited full or abbreviated accounts using the joint Companies House/HMRC template; both available from our WebFiling service.


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