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Joint Registration for Company Start Up and Tax

An option for customers to incorporate a company and register for Corporation Tax in one process has now been introduced.    

This is available at the end of the Companies House Web Incorporation process or through third party incorporation software. The new option has been jointly developed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and Companies House as part of the government’s aim to make the UK one of the easiest places to start a company.

Providing your company is not a charity or member of a group and you already know the date when the company will start its business activities, the Corporation Tax information required by HMRC can be completed at the end of the Web Incorporation process by answering 6 simple questions on a single screen. 

Once your incorporation has been accepted by Companies House, the Corporation Tax information provided will be sent to HMRC who will contact you to confirm your taxpayer reference and any further information if required.

New screen for joint registration for company start up and tax
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