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WebFiling - Change to DCA Template

Dormant Company Accounts have been available using an Adobe Template, by downloading from WebFiling.

A new HTML website page will replace this from the 19th February 2011 (subject to successful testing) allowing customers to complete and submit their Dormant Company Accounts using WebFiling screens.

Below is an example of the new WebFiling screens for Dormant Company Accounts - AA02. 

Guidance on the Dormant Company Accounts is also available.

The Main Menu screen lists all the available documents for WebFiling.

Dormant Company Accounts (DCA) - AA02 is listed under the heading Annual Accounts or Change of Accounting Reference Date

Screen 1 showing WebFiling updates to the Main menu screen

The next screen displays the company information, when the Dormant Company Accounts must be filed, conditions of use and guidance.

Select Continue to proceed to the next screen.

Screen 2 showing company information and guidance

(AA02) Dormant Company Accounts (DCA)

The Dormant Company Accounts information should be entered where appropriate.

Date of balance sheet
This field is automatically populated with the date of the next accounts CH is expecting.

GBP is the default currency; this can be changed by selecting the drop down menu at the end of the field.

The Current Period and Previous Period
Fields must be completed

Issued Share Capital
Fields must be completed

Mandatory fields and error messages would be highlighted or displayed at the top of the page.

Screen 3 showing the mandatory fields for DCA

Once all the figures have been input and ‘Validate and continue’ has been selected from the previous screen, the service will display the information in the DCA format where a printed copy can be made.

Screen 4 showing the DCA format

The contact details screen will be displayed.

Screen 5 showing the contact details

The confirmation screen will display the date, document type and submission number.

Screen 6 showing the confirmation details

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